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Godless foodies

It seems news of the atheist bus has reached the foodie community. In a post on today’s Word of Mouth, the Guardian’s food blog, a commenter replies to an increasingly pretentious thread on the etiquette of cheese and biscuits:

There’s probably no etiquette God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your crackers.



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News reaches us from London that the Church – the Anglican Church, that is, not the One True Churchhas apologised to Charles Darwin (right at the bottom of the page, after a screed of theological equivocation) for “misunderstanding his theory of evolution”. “About time, too!”, one might be inclined to say. But various commentators – including one of Darwin’s great-grandsons – have pointed out that the only conceivable reason for such an apology is to make the apologiser feel better. (more…)

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Back when people were posting birthday wishes for Professor D on richarddawkins.net, I came across a post from Jo Swannell Owen with a design she’d done for the occasion. It was based on Richard’s quote, “We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in; some of us just go one god further” combined with Bertrand Russell’s famous comment about the celestial teapot. I wrote to Jo suggesting the design would make a dandy T shirt or lapel pin, and she responded. And lo, it has almost come to pass! I got an email from Jo the other day to say the “Tea shirts” should be available from December 10th. To find out more, and to get a Tea shirt of your very own, bookmark onegodfurther.co.uk (motto: “Dunking the soft biscuit of religion in the hot tea of science”) and keep an eye out for the official release.

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It’s been said by many people – and I used to agree – that religious belief on its own is harmless. But I’ve come to realise that the problem with beliefs – any beliefs, but the more irrational and strongly-held the belief, the more of a problem – is that sooner or later, in order to be validated, they have to be acted upon.


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